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Quotes I am forever in debted to Kasey. She is without a doubt the most compassionate, intuitive and nurturing doula I've met. She is also quite knowledgeable. Kasey came to us when we most needed her. I found myself in labor at 2am. The doula I had hired weeks before dropped me over the phone when I called in early labor. In between contractions, I remembered Kasey saying she would be there if I ever needed her. Sure enough, she stepped up to the challenge. She stuck by my side when all around me my plans fell apart and when the going got tough. All through sleep deprivation and a two and a half day labor. She showered me with attention, care and kindness. Quotes
Sonia C.
grateful mom

Quotes I met Kasey later on in my pregnancy and I am so thankful for doing so! She helped me achieve the birth I wanted. Instead if a hospital, I gave birth in water at a birthing center, and I was surrounded by friends and family and I was able to record everything. That wouldn't have been possible had I not met her. I had been told I HAD to have a hospital birth and that I couldn't switch doctors. Kasey debunked that and got me where I wanted and needed to be! She was an amazing support throughout the remainder of my pregnancy and birth. She gives wonderful advice too, Kasey helped my husband and I through my labor and she helped me with breastfeeding problems as well. I'm most thankful for her perfect placenta encapsulation! I got over 100 capsules that helped keep me from going crazy with hormones and I got the most beautiful heart cord keepsake! Kasey also did placenta prints for me. I will be a lucky woman to have Kasey with me at every future birth. I would recommend her to anyone! Quotes
Ashley Taylor
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Kasey took loving care of my placenta. I especially love the placenta prints and umbilical cord keepsake. I'm looking forward to using my placenta pills and placenta tincture to help with PMS and menopause! Quotes
Nyssa Retter

Quotes Kasey is one of the most caring and helpful individuals I've ever met. Her knowledge is astounding. This woman can help you with just about anything pregnancy, childbirth, or child related. She encapsulated my placenta, and brought it to my house really quick. I'm forever grateful. I will definitely use her for my next pregnancy. Quotes
Dasha G.
satisfied client

Quotes I had my placenta encapsulated through Kasey and she was absolutely wonderful!! Not only did I get a ton of placenta capsules that have been soooo helpful in my postpartum recovery she put then in a beautiful mason jar with my babes name painted on it and a heart shaped umbilical cord keep sake along with placenta prints/art that i plan on framing and hanging they are just beautiful as is Kasey-her love for what she does shines through in every aspect! Quotes
Tara King
Happy Mama :)

Quotes Kasey encapsulated my pIacenta for me after my last birth. I had a wonderful experience with her. She was always quick to get back to me whenever I contacted her. We actually built a relationship while I was working with her, so it made me feel more comfortable with using her to do this for me. My capsules were perfect, and did there job wonderfully! I also love the art she created with my placenta, which at first I thought was weird, but once I saw it I loved it! Quotes
Sarah Beechy
Placenta Encapsulation

Quotes Kasey was our doula for the birth of our second child. We had hoped for a natural hospital birth which unfortunately turned into an induction that ended in an emergency c-section. Kasey was by my side throughout my birth supporting me and encouraging me. She was there to help me in any way I asked of her and was happy to do it. I had a lot of difficulty during the pushing stage of labor and Kasey was right there encouraging me, and supporting me both physically and emotionally throughout that entire phase of labor. I am so grateful for Kasey and her wonderful presence at my birth. I encourage any mama-to-be who is looking for a helpful and supportive doula to choose Kasey. She will be a wonderful support to you during your labor. Quotes
Ciera Lemoniades
Satisfied Mom