Are You an Expceting Father? 
Would you like to know what a Doula does? 

Doulas do NOT replace your role in labor. They can actually make your job easier. 

Lets face it, you more than likely have no idea what to do to bring ease to her pain, and don't know what positions may work best for certain parts of labor. That is My job. I help the laboring mother find the position that will ease her pain, I will rub her back, arms, & legs between contractions. I will fetch her AND you snacks, water or anything else that you need during labor. You know her, I know birth. 

Labors can be quick or can last days. Yes, DAYS. So if you decide that you need a break and need to sleep, You do not have to worry that the laboring mother is left all alone to labor. I will be by her side within two hours of the phone call to me until 2 hours after your new baby is born. I will help her begin breastfeeding, and I will take pictures of your family if desired.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me. 
I will do everything I can to ease your mind. And please remember, no matter if you have a home birth, or hospital birth, BIRTH COMES WITH RISK. It does not matter where the birth takes place, it matters HOW the birth takes place. And having the support of a doula can help your family begin this new journey. 

If you have any further questions about doula's check out Daddy Confidential's blog post from a man's prospective. It is called "I Challenge You To A Doula"

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